laurel in a bag


for soups, cabbage dishes, game dishes


Certified organic wild growth.
4 x 5g (20g)

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laurel in a bag

Noble laurel (bay leaf) is a plant typical of the Dalmatian landscape. Whole, dried leaves rich in tannins and essential oils are used as a spice for their strong aroma and aromatic-bitter taste. In home cuisine, bay leaves are traditionally used for long-simmering stews. They also go well with all types of meat: venison, beef, chicken, fish, lamb… Bay leaves are excellent for fish and meat marinades, soups, and various sauces and are an indispensable spice for pickling vegetables. They should be dosed carefully – as a rule, one leaf is enough – and added early in the cooking process so that its taste thoroughly permeates the dish.

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