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Legal information

Legal information

ĆURIN, obrt za poljoprivredu i trgovinu,
vl. Stjepko Ćurin,
Gdinj 25,
21467 Gdinj, Hvar, Croatia.
OIB: 96087563882

Phone: +385 1 3887 895


The Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette 41/14, 110/15), Heading III. – Conclusion of off-premises and distance agreements, from Article 57 to Article 80, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (Official Journal of the European Union L 119 , 4 May 2016, p. 1 shall apply to the conditions of business conduct, hereinafter referred to as the General Data Protection Regulation and the Act on the Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (Official Gazette 42/18).

Seller – ĆURIN, obrt za poljoprivredu i trgovinu, vl. Stjepko Ćurin, Gdinj 25, 21467 Gdinj, Hvar, HR, OIB: 96087563882.

Website – Every website owned by the seller, ie. „“.

The customer – Any person who, after reviewing and selecting a product or service, has completed the registration of their data and ordered a product or service.

Customer – any person who uses the website for the purpose of purchasing products advertised on the same site or obtaining data about a particular product.

Website use – access to the website to obtain information about the content of the site and/or online purchasing.

Online purchase or web shop – purchasing products through the seller’s website.

Products – all products that are listed on “the seller’s website which can be purchased via the web shop.


The holder of all rights on this website is ĆURIN, obrt za poljoprivredu i trgovinu, vl. Stjepko Ćurin, Gdinj 25, 21467 Gdinj, Hvar, HR, OIB: 96087563882, (hereinafter referred to as “seller”). By using the seller’s service of the web shop and all associated sites and services at the website, it is considered that consumers are at all times aware of these Terms of Sale (hereinafter: the Terms) and that they fully understand and accept them.

These Terms apply to the rights and obligations arising from the purchase of products or services through the website’s Web Store and the rights and obligations arising from the conclusion of the Distance Selling Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement”) between the consumer as end customer and the seller’s web shop, are considered an integral part of such agreements.

Concerning the terms and conditions of ordering the product, the price of the product, the method of payment, warranty, complaints and returns, delivery, the confidentiality of personal data and other issues related to the use of the website and online purchase.

Users are advised to familiarize themselves with these Terms and Conditions regularly before purchasing, to be acquainted with all rights and obligations.

The agreement of sale of the product between the Customer and the Seller is concluded at the moment of ordering the product.

The customer can only be an adult and a legally competent person. Agreements on be-half of minors and legally incompetent persons may be concluded by their legal representatives or guardians, and partially legally competent persons may conclude the agreement only with the consent of their legal representative or guardian. The Seller assumes no liability for acting contrary to this provision.

The users of the website are obliged to provide accurate, valid, and complete personal data when filling out the registration form, and the contrary action authorizes the Seller to deny such user access or realization of all or part of the services offered by the website.

The seller is authorized, without notice, to change the contents of these General Terms, product range, prices, other information related to the web shop as well as all other content of the website, which is why users of the website are obliged to view the content of the same at every visit. Failure to do so releases the Seller of any liability. These changes take effect by posting on the website.

The Seller shall be exempt from any liability for damage that may occur on devices that allow access to the website and data stored on the same devices when using the website if it is caused by unlawful acts of third parties, computer viruses, etc. and other cases for which the Seller is not responsible. The Seller is also exempt from any liability if circumstances prevent the use of the website.

The seller posts all materials, photos, and texts on the Website in good faith to make it easy for the customer to make their purchase. The seller does not warrant that the product photos fully match the appearance of the product itself. We are not responsible for any unintentional errors in the product description. All descriptions are regularly and thoroughly checked.


Online purchases can only be made if the customer enters the correct information requested at the designated site at the website. When filling out the form, the customer is obliged to provide accurate, valid, and complete personal data. These Terms, as well as certain terms and conditions of sale indicated with information about particular products, represent the offer of the seller for the conclusion of the Agreement and the user accepts as a customer by completing the form and concluding the order or other-wise determined by these Terms, which is considered to be an agreement between the customer and the seller, and under the terms of sale set out in these Terms.

The object and commercial purpose of the Agreement is to purchase the selected product through the website’s web store, while paying the appropriate fee – the price of that product. The agreement is concluded using remote communication (the Agreement concluded at a distance) through online ordering – web shops, printed promotional messages with the order form, telephone with human mediation.

The customer is authorized to choose the possibility for the Seller to inform him about new products, products on the promotion, etc. (newsletter). Upon successful completion of the application (all required information correctly filled in), a notification of successful registration will be sent to the Customer’s e-mail.

The products that can be purchased are advertised on the website, while all products shall be listed together with the product description and price.

Selecting the desired product is made by adding to the “cart” by clicking on the “Add to cart” link. If the customer purchases a product that has, meanwhile, been sold, then the Seller will contact the customer to arrange for further action (refund, purchase of another product, or delivery of a product of the same type when the Seller obtains it from its suppliers). The Seller, except for the obligation mentioned above, is not liable to the customer in the described case on any basis.

The “Cart” contains all the products selected by the customer for purchase together with the price of the product and the shipping price and the total price (VAT included). If the customer wishes to proceed with the purchase, they select the “Go to Payment” link and the system then automatically directs them to the “Checkout” page where the customer’s details and shipping addresses are required.

After completing the above steps of the web shop and selecting “Order” on the “Checkout” page, the system automatically directs the Customer to the “Order Confirmation” page, which contains information about the order number, payment as well as notification about sending a confirmation email containing the offer sales of selected products and notification of e-mail address and toll-free telephone number through which the Customer can obtain all necessary information.

If the shipment is damaged during transport, and such damage is visible upon taking over the shipment, we kindly ask the Customer not to take over such shipment. If the Customer determines the damage after opening the shipment, please keep the original packaging and apply by email: for us to check the condition of the shipment as soon as possible and send a new one. In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, the Customer is entitled to unilaterally terminate the agreement without giving reasons within 14 days from the date of delivery of the product and in accordance with Article 77, paragraph 5 of the Consumer Protection Act, responsible for any impairment of the purchased product as a result of handling the purchased product in the following percentages:

  • 0% if the product is not used and the packaging contains no defects
  • 15% if the packaging is damaged
  • 25% if there is no packaging


Product prices are expressed as retail prices. The prices of the products and the prices of the delivery are expressed in euros and include VAT. The seller updates the prices daily, which makes it possible for prices in stores to be different from prices on the website’s web shop.

The seller is authorized to change prices without notice and is authorized to change prices exclusively for a web shop without notice. The Seller is also entitled to determine at any time, without prior notice, discounts, daily or weekly actions, actions for a particular product, group of products and/or for all products, as well as for a particular payment method. The aforementioned benefits may be exclusive to online shopping, which will be indicated to the customer before the purchase.

Price is set for each product. The process of entering a price on a website for each product is subject to multiple levels of control, but nonetheless, there is a possibility of human error. Such situations are exceptional and The seller apologizes to their customers in advance. The seller will be forced to inform customers of the situation, the wrong price and the inability to deliver the ordered product with the wrong price on a specific order.


Payment methods:

  • Cash on delivery (Croatia only)
  • Direct bank transfer
  • Credit and debit cards

When the payment is made and visible (after paying the courier service employee), it is considered that the contract has been fulfilled. When paying cash, the order is paid in full and the exact amount to the courier employee when picking up the package.

Cash on delivery is only available for deliveries in Croatia.


Pri plaćanju na našoj web trgovini koristite CorvusPay – napredni sustav za siguran prihvat platnih kartica putem interneta.

CorvusPay osigurava potpunu tajnost Vaših kartičnih podataka već od trenutka kada ih upišete u CorvusPay platni formular. Platni podaci prosljeđuju se šifrirano od Vašeg web preglednika do banke koja je izdala Vašu karticu. Naša trgovina nikada ne dolazi u kontakt s cjelovitim podacima o Vašoj platnoj kartici. Također, podaci su nedostupni čak i djelatnicima CorvusPay sustava. Izolirana jezgra samostalno prenosi i upravlja osjetljivim podacima, čuvajući ih pri tom potpuno sigurnima.

Formular za upis platnih podataka osiguran je SSL transportnom šifrom najveće pouzdanosti. Svi skladišteni podaci dodatno su zaštićeni šifriranjem, korištenjem kriptografskog uređaja certificiranog prema FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standardu. CorvusPay zadovoljava sve zahtjeve vezane uz sigurnost on-line plaćanja propisane od strane vodećih kartičnih brandova, odnosno posluje sukladno normi – PCI DSS Level 1 – najviši sigurnosni standard industrije platnih kartica. Pri plaćanju karticama uvrštenim u 3-D Secure program Vaša banka uz valjanost same kartice dodatno potvrđuje i Vaš identitet pomoću tokena ili lozinke.

Corvus Info sve prikupljene informacije smatra bankovnom tajnom i tretira ih u skladu s tim. Informacije se koriste isključivo u svrhe za koje su namijenjene. Vaši osjetljivi podaci u potpunosti su sigurni, a njihova privatnost zajamčena je najmodernijim zaštitnim mehanizmima. Prikupljaju se samo podaci nužni za obavljanje posla sukladno propisanim zahtjevnim procedurama za on-line plaćanje.

Sigurnosne kontrole i operativne procedure primijenjene na našu infrastrukturu osiguravaju trenutnu pouzdanost CorvusPay sustava. Uz to održavanjem stroge kontrole pristupa, redovitim praćenjem sigurnosti i dubinskim provjerama za sprječavanje ranjivosti mreže te planskim provođenjem odredbi o informacijskoj sigurnosti trajno održavaju i unaprjeđuju stupanj sigurnosti sustava zaštitom Vaših kartičnih podataka.


All payments will be made in euro. The amount your credit card will be charged for is obtained by converting the price according to the valid exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank.

When charged with your credit card, the same amount is converted to your local currency according to the valid exchange rate of the card association.

As a result of the price conversion, there is a possibility of a slight difference in the amount compared to the original price displayed on our website.


Prices for delivery in Croatia:

  • Delivery to your doorstep in 2-5 working days – 4,00 € (29,74 HRK) for all orders.

The stated delivery times are valid for most destinations in Croatia. For islands and smaller places, shipments are delivered according to the courier service schedule.

Prices for delivering to other countries within the EU:

Products paid for in accordance with the order will be delivered to the customer. If you would like to arrange an appropriate delivery date, please write it under NOTE, so that you the delivery service is informed. When processing a shipment, the customer is notified by an e-mail of the status of his shipment. Delivery is made by the seller (through employees) or by hiring a reputable delivery (courier) service. Delivery is made to the entrance of the residential building of the customer’s address.

During the pickup of the shipment, the customer is obligated to inspect the shipment and, in the case of visible damage, has the right to refuse the pickup and to demand another a new delivery of the same product, undamaged.

In cases where the product delivered to the customer is different from the one the customer has ordered and/or purchased; the customer has the right to request a new delivery of the ordered product. If this is not possible, the customer has a right to request a refund in the amount paid originally for the product and the delivery or shipping costs and is obliged to return the incorrectly delivered product.

Upon delivery, along with the product, the customer receives all the documents accompanying the product, the invoice, and the acknowledgment of receipt of the shipment which the customer is obliged to sign. The signature on the acknowledgment of receipt of the shipment means that the product has been taken over without any visible external damage.

Shipping rates include VAT and are shown during checkout on our official websites.


European Commission Regulation no. 524/2013 on Online Consumer Dispute Resolution, effective 09.01.2016, launched the Online Dispute Resolution Platform (ODR Platform).

The ODR platform is located on the website This link can be used by consumers for cross-border dispute resolutions.

For consumer disputes on traders from the Republic of Croatia, this is not yet possible until the procedure is supported by the necessary legal regulations by the authorized legal bodies of the Republic of Croatia.

According to the Consumer Protection Act, Article 43, paragraph 2, we inform the customers of the seller’s liability in case of material defects of the product when entering into a long-distance contract (online shopping).

In case of damage to the contents of the shipment or the case the shipment does not contain the products that were ordered and/or purchased, please contact us by e-mail at without delay.


Prior to the conclusion of the Agreement, the customer has the opportunity to review the Terms by clicking on the link located at the bottom of the starting station under “Terms of Use” (notification under Article 57 para. 1. Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette no. 41/2014), these Terms and the notice on the right of the user to unilaterally terminate the Agreement with the form for unilateral termination of the Agreement referred to in Article 61, Para. 1. and 2. of the Consumer Protection Act.

The Customer may unilaterally terminate the Agreement within 14 (fourteen) days from the delivery of the goods to the Customer without giving reasons. The User is not entitled to unilateral termination of the Agreement: if the service has been fully delivered to them and the delivery started with their explicit prior consent and with their confirmation that they are aware that they will lose the right to unilaterally terminate the Agreement if the service is fully delivered, if the object of the Agreement is a commodity which by its very nature is, after delivery, in-separably mixed with other things,

In order for a user to exercise the right to unilaterally terminate the Agreement, they must notify The seller of their decision to unilaterally terminate the Agreement before the deadline via a statement sent by mail (to ĆURIN, obrt za poljoprivredu i trgovinu, vl. Stjepko Ćurin, Gdinj 25, 21467 Gdinj, Hvar, Croatia), or by e-mail to, stating: Account number, account date, name, address, telephone, fax number or email address.

If the User unilaterally terminates the Agreement, they will be reimbursed with the money received from them, including delivery costs, without delay, and no later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date The seller receives the user’s decision to unilaterally terminate the Agreement, except if the user has chosen another type of delivery that is not the cheapest standard delivery offered. The reimbursement will be made in the same way the payment was made by the user. In the event that the user agrees otherwise to the reimbursement, they do not bear any costs concerning the reimbursement. The reimbursement can be done by the seller only after the goods have been returned to them or after they have been provided with proof that the goods have been sent back.

The Customer is obliged to deliver the goods or send them to ĆURIN, obrt za poljoprivredu i trgovinu, vl. Stjepko Ćurin, Gdinj 25, 21467 Gdinj, Hvar, Croatia without unnecessary delay, and in any case not later than 14 (fourteen) days from the day when The seller sent its decision on unilateral Agreement termination.

The direct cost of returning the goods must be borne by the user themselves. The seller kindly asks the customer to be contacted at before terminating the Agreement to be informed of the procedure for returning the goods.

The user is in accordance with Article 77, paragraph 5. of the Consumer Protection Act, responsible for any loss of value of the goods resulting from handling of the goods, except for the handling that was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics, and functionality of the goods.

If at the user’s request, the delivery of the service commenced during the termination period for the unilateral termination of the Agreement, the User is obliged to pay to the seller an amount commensurate with what was delivered by the time the User notified The seller of the unilateral termination of the Agreement.


The Seller collects the personal data of the Customers only to the extent necessary to fulfil their obligation, to inform about new and promotional improve relations with the Customers, and to verify other information necessary for online purchase.

The Seller undertakes to protect the personal data of the Customer in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable regulations and undertakes not to disclose the personal data to third parties without the Customer’s consent (except information necessary for business partners to complete the delivery of the purchased product). Exempted from this are cases in which the Seller is obliged, under a valid order of the authorized state bodies, in accordance with the law, to provide or allow access to the personal data of the Customers.

The seller does not record your credit card number or store transaction information. The seller uses credit card payment services from a third party, an authorized bank, which protects your data by encryption.

The customer has the right to request the addition, correction, or modification of incorrect personal data.

To enter into and execute the agreement, The seller has the right, in accordance with Article 6 (1) (b) of the General Data Protection Regulation, to request, collect and process personal data specified in the Privacy Policy. By entering into an agreement, the Customer gives their consent to the use of such personal data collected to enter into and fulfil the agreement and guarantees that the data is accurate, complete and up-to-date.


For the website to work properly, they must store a small amount of data (Cookies) on the user’s computer. According to EU regulations, the seller must seek the user’s consent before saving the Cookie. By using the seller’s website, the internet shop consents to the use of a Cookie.

By turning off Cookies, the user decides whether to allow cookies to be stored on their computer. The cookie settings can be controlled and configured in the web browser that the user uses to browse the web pages. If a user disables cookies, the site may not be able to use some of the functionality provided by the seller web shop.


The Seller gives Customers the right to use all services on the website for personal use only for non-commercial purposes. Changing the content to the website, in any form, is prohibited as is copying, public performance, etc. Use of the content of the website on other websites is prohibited.

The Seller reserves the right to grant the rights for the publication of any material, parts of the website to a third party only in the case of an agreement that regulates the rights and obligations of the Seller and a third party that publishes the data.

Photos with products are for illustrative purposes only. Seller reserves the right to publish content in English where:

  • it’s about the name of the product, its parts or functions in English,
  • these are terms in the English language that are generally accepted in the Croatian language, that is, common terminology,
  • there is a risk that significant information cannot be translated accurately enough into the Croatian language without losing their meaning and meaning.


You agree that all questions regarding your access to or use of the website and web store and related platforms, including all disputes, will be governed by the laws of the Republic of Croatia. You acknowledge the jurisdiction and venue of the courts in Zagreb and waive any objection to such jurisdiction or venue.

The previous venue provision does not apply if you are located in the European Union. If you are a consumer situated in the European Union, you can file a claim in the courts of the country of your residence. Any claim under these Terms of Use must be made within three (3) months of the occurrence of the cause of action or such claim or cause of action shall be barred. No claim for damages can be claimed or received.

In the event of any controversy or dispute between the seller and the consumer arising out of or relating to your use of the website and related platforms, the parties shall immediately, in good faith, attempt to resolve such dispute. If we are unable to resolve such dispute within a reason-able time (not more than thirty (30) days), either party may submit such controversy or dispute to mediation. If the dispute cannot be settled through mediation, the parties are free to exercise any right or remedy available to them under applicable law.


For all information, praise, remarks, complaints and any other notices, Customers may contact the Seller at:

ĆURIN, obrt za poljoprivredu i trgovinu,
vl. Stjepko Ćurin,
Gdinj 25,
21467 Gdinj, Hvar, Croatia.
OIB: 96087563882

Phone : +385 1 3887 895

Last updated: March 20th, 2023.